Ashley Edgerton Oates
Burrow: DiptychIdentification Friend or FoeMakeshift WarrenTrapFlying over Skytop FarmWarren I (with I.V. line)
+ Burrow
: a hole or excavation in the ground made by an animal for shelter and habitation

: to conceal oneself in or as if in a burrow

Drawing upon fictional characters from Watership Down, The Story of Edgar Sawtelle and A Room of One’s Own, I create small worlds where the inhabitants struggle and contend with the slippery choice of being protected or being controlled. What do we give up to be protected? This series, Burrow, uses photograms to explore the binary relationships of strength and fragility; truth and fiction; protection and vulnerablity.

Photograms, without being beholden to Renaissance perspective, play by their own rules of representation. They create traces, outlines, memories of what once lay on the photosensitive material. What remains is the inherent duality of absence and presence.