Ashley Edgerton Oates
Alice in Wonderland BookTwo booksRuby and Shelby Vermont 2012Dreamt over and over again (Rosmari)Dreamt over and over again (Rosmari 2)Exquisite Corpse 1185592Small hanging retablos - VT Studio Center
Summer Residency 2006Small hanging retablos - VT Studio Center detail
Summer Residency 2006BlinkBlink (detail)Linville, North Carolina 1974
top left: Day Day, Grandpapa, Papa, me, Mama
+ after the Linville Fancy Dress Ball +Oatsie Oates
+ Junk Drawer
This is a collection of random old work from art school in the late 90s and early 00s -- with a few photos that are dear to me, that prick me in the way Barthes describes punctum in Camera Lucida. Players in the two photographs (Oatsie / Linville) twist their way through my work, always. The studio shots are pieces that I never exhibited formally but were important in getting me from one body of work to the next.