Ashley Edgerton Oates
Installation view of Oxford ExhibitLetter for Louise (Detail photogram)Femme Maison for Louise (Detail photogram)Shoes for Salcedo (Installation view)Shoes for Salcedo (Detail photogram)Book for Kusama (Installation view)Gall containers for William (Detail photogram)Bed for Frida (Installation view)Bed for Frida (Detail photogram)
+ Oxford, Mississippi
summer exhibition 2003

A photogram records an object and all of its’ layers from transparent to opaque. It is a trace; an outline; a memory of what once lay on the photosensitive material. I record my small, childlike sculptures of wire, thread and handmade paper with this process. In my exploration of these materials, I pay homage to influential female artists like Hannah Wilke, Eva Hesse, Frida Kahlo, Doris Salcedo, Yayoi Kusama and Louise Bourgeois all of whom address issues of gender, memory and loss in their art. Sprinkled in with these tributes are works inspired by the original Alice of Alice in Wonderland as well as characters in my own personal tales.